Acronym: DEDSL 4 
Name: Design and Enhancement of Domain Specific Languages 4 
Project status: From: 2020-10-01 To: 2021-09-30 (Execution)
Contract number: 2020\893 
Action line: INDUSTRY 
Type (Programme): INDUSTRY 
Project cost: -
Project funding: -
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: AVL List GmbH - Instrumentation and Test Systems  
Organisation adress: Hans-List-Platz 1 (Kleiststrasse 48) A-8020 Graz 
Organisation country: Austria  
Contact person name: Dr. Roland Wanker 
Contact person email:  
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Fakultet elektrotehnike i računarstva 
Organisation address: Unska 3, 10 000 Zagreb  
Contact person name: Marko Đurasević
Contact person tel:
  Contact person fax:  
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
Short description of project

The aim of this project is to perform research on domain specific languages and their application on various projects from the in the industry. The goal is to design new domain specific languages which will be used by domain experts. Their feedback will be used to research better ways of designing domain specific languages, as well as to better adapt them to the need of the users. The goal of the project is to obtain better ways of designing domain specific languages.  

Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner

The task of the Croatian partner is to design and develop new domain specific languages based on the user specifications. Based on the feedback of the users, the Croatian partner will then research better ways of designing such domain specific languages, which would be better suited for users. The goal is to additionally research how different domain specific language representations (like textual, graphical, tabular etc.) can be used together in order to lead to a better productivity of the users. Finally, the partners will also provide research on some of the usability issues which can be often found in domain specific languages, and will propose ways of improving those.  



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