Acronym: E 32 
Name: Characterisation of Paper Surfaces for improved Printing Paper Grades 
Project status: From: 2003-10-01 To: 2007-10-01 (Completed)
Contract number:  
Action line:  
Type (Programme): MULTILAT 
Instrument: COST 
Project cost: -
Project funding: -
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: NTNU/PFI 
Organisation adress: E. C. Dahls gate 2  
Organisation country: Norveška 
Contact person name: Sissel Ravnsborg 
Contact person email: Email 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Grafički fakultet 
Organisation address: Getaldićeva 2 10000 Zagreb 
Contact person name: Lozo, Branka
Contact person tel:
+385 1 2371080  Contact person fax: +385 1 2371077 
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
TU Graz Austrija 
UCTM Bugarska 
Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb Hrvatska 
KCL Finska 
CTP Francuska 
TU Dresden, PTS Njemačka 
Budapest Tech Mađarska 
SSCCPC Italija 
Veenstra Nizozemska 
NTNU/PFI Norveška 
TU Lodz Poljska 
University of Coimbra Portugal 
TU Iasi Rumunjska 
PPI Slovenija 
Holmen Paper Španjolska 
STFI Švedska 
Imerys Velika Britanija 
Short description of project
The main objective of the action is to develop and improve methods for analysis of printing paper surfaces in order to improve print quality. Further, it is of interest to develop methods that can measure ink distribution on printed surfaces and correlate this to the local topography and chemistry. 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner
During the Project Plenary Sessions five presentations were given by Croatian participants: Damir Modric in Grenoble: The influence of paper surface structure on optical dot gain; Vesna Dzimbeg Malcic in Brasov: Control of print quality through Yule-Nielsen parameter and optical properties of papers; Branka Lozo in Helsinki: Surface characteristics of handsheets made from digital printed deinked pulp; Branka Lozo in Budapest: SEM Analysis of Ink Jet Prints; Branka Lozo in Grenoble: Spectroscopic and microscopic methods in the analysis of ink jet prints. The Short-Term Scientific Mission was granted to Branka Lozo in August/September 2005 at PFI Norway: Surface and Cross Section SEM Analysis of Ink Jet Prints.  


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