Acronym: qualinet 
Name: European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services  
Project status: From: 2010-11-08 To: 2014-11-07 (Completed)
Type (Programme): COST 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Grafički fakultet 
Contact person name: Jesenka Pibernik
Contact person tel:
2371 080 
Short description of project
The Network of Excellence (NoE) Qualinet aims at extending the notion of network-centric Quality of Service (QoS) in multimedia systems, by relying on the concept of Quality of Experience (QoE). The main scientific objective is the development of methodologies for subjective and objective quality metrics taking into account current and new trends in multimedia communication systems as witnessed by the appearance of new types of content and interactions. A substantial scientific impact on fragmented efforts carried out in this field will be achieved by coordinating the research of European experts under the catalytic COST umbrella. 


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