Acronym: FP1104 
Name: New possibilities for print media and packaging - combining print with digital 
Project status: From: 2012-05-22 To: 2016-05-21 (Completed)
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Type (Programme): MULTILAT 
Instrument: COST 
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Project coordinator
Organisation Name: Grafički fakultet 
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Organisation country: Hrvatska 
Contact person name: Branka Lozo 
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Croatian partner
Organisation name: Grafički fakultet 
Organisation address: Getaldićeva 2 10000 Zagreb 
Contact person name: Branka Lozo
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+385 1 2371080  Contact person fax: +385 1 2371077 
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Short description of project
The goal of this Action is to promote discussion on the benefits that may be achieved from novel combinations of print and digital. It will also be used to enhance innovations that will make use of the benefits of both print and electronic media as well as innovations where print and electronic media are combined. Several examples exist where successful combinations have been achieved e.g. through the use of image recognition, augmented reality or printed electronics to bring interactivity into fiber based products. To give the forest industry a competitive edge this Action will focus on new innovations by combining knowledge of the end users with most recent technological achievements. New models of ongoing change in social interaction and in the cultural products of paper and electronic media will be elaborated and proposed. The results will promote critical and theoretical discussion on the changing meanings of contemporary media culture. The Action will explore new business opportunities for the fiber based products and the value chains of print media and packaging through novel, innovative uses. It will also serve as a channel for communication between industry and academia, thus contributing to the development of new commercial applications. 
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