Name: Correlation of the magmatic and sedimentary units of Triassic-Jurassic age in the Dinarides and N. Hungary 
Project status: From: 2007-08-01 To: 2009-08-01 (Completed)
Type (Programme): BILAT 
Project funding: -
International partner
Organisation Name: Lorand Eötvös University Budapest 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Mađarska 
Contact person name: Ferenc Molnar 
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Croatian partner
Organisation name: Prirodoslovno-matematički fakultet 
Organisation address:  
Contact person name: Palinkaš, Ladislav
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Contact person e-mail: Email 
Short description of project
The subject of the project is the application and continuation of the geological correlation for the Neo-Tethyan processes of Triassic and Jurassic age. The subject has primary importance in the point of view of the reconstruction of the geological evolution of the Central European region. Results have importance in the evalution of structural development of the basement units in the Pannonian Basin and surrounding areas which has high priority in evalution of mineral and hydrocarbon potential and also in prediction of geological hazards. The project also support participating teams to establish further international correlativeprogrammes which can be incorporated into multi-laterial scientific cooperation in the Central - Eastern European region. Results also will be incorporated into ongoing and planned projects focussing on re-evalution of mineral and geological potential od Dinaride units in Croatia. SURADNICI: F. Molnar, Hass J., Kovacs S., L. Palinkaš, J. Sremac, I. Gušić, S. Strmić Palinkaš, S. Borojević Šoštarić. 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner


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