Acronym: TODO 
Name: Twinning Open Data Operational 
Project status: From: 2019-10-01 To: 2022-10-01 (Execution)
Contract number: 857592 
Action line:  
Type (Programme): HORIZON 2020 
Project cost: 799.988,00 EUR
Project funding: 0,00 EUR
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Croatia 
Contact person name: Ana Kuveždić Divjak, Ph.D. 
Contact person email: Email 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Agronomski fakultet 
Organisation address: Svetošimunska 25, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia 
Contact person name: Dragica Šalamon
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  Contact person fax:  
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb Croatia 
Faculty of Organization and Informatics, University of Zagreb Croatia 
Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb Croatia 
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, University of Zagreb Croatia 
Delft University of Technology Netherlands 
University of the Aegean Greece 
Short description of project

Project "TODO – Twinning Open Data Operational", approved by Horizon2020 programme – Twinning, started with its activities in October 2019.

This project has aims to leverage the interdisciplinary scientific excellence and innovation capacity of the University of Zagreb (UNIZG) in the field of open data to boost the supply and use of open government data in Croatia and beyond. Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb is coordinating this EU project, led by Ana Kuveždić Divjak, Ph.D. Project partners are also Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Faculty of Organization and Informatics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Delft University of Technology and University of the Aegean. Total project budget is 799.988,00 €.

Project will be completed by October 2022.

Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner

e project draws up a plan of work organized within seven work packages. Three workpackages (WP4, WP6 and WP7) span the whole project life cycle while other work packages have specific timing within the project time plan. The project partners are expected to deliver 31 different activities within three years in order to achieve all project goals.

WP 1: Management and Coordination

The main aim of this Work Package is to optimize the organization and timing of activities and resources and ensure an effective, smooth and high-quality execution of the project.
The sub-objectives are:

  • To coordinate and lead the project from an operational and technical point of view in an efficient, effective and transparent way;
  • To manage efficiently and effectively legal financial, administrative and ethical aspects of the project and to promote gender equality in the project;
  • To establish and manage an appropriate monitoring and evaluation framework of the work undertaken within the work packages linking together all the project components;
  • To ensure an efficient, balanced and transparent co-operation and communication with the European Commission;
  • To identify, manage and resolve potential risks associated with the project in order to avoid any eventual impact on the projects expected outcomes;
  • To ensure the quality of all the tasks performed and all the deliverables created during the project.
  • To establish protocols and to share good practices for open data research, encouraging and stimulating the TODO initiative for future applications to EU funded and nationally funded programmes.
  • To develop a road map of excellence in order to determine a joint research and innovation agenda.
 WP1 leader: Ana Kuveždić Divjak (GEOD)

WP2: Capacity building

The main objective of this Work Package is to significantly enhance the overall scientific R&I capacity of the UNIZG in the field of open data. More specific objectives include:

  • To provide all open data researchers at the UNIZG with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the main concepts, theories and approaches on open data research from different disciplines 
  • To enhance know-how of concepts, approaches and theories related to the different phases of the open data life cycle and different domains of open data 
  • To increase the knowledge on and understanding of real world open data policies, technologies and initiatives in different domains.
 WP2 leader: Frederika Welle Donker (TUDELFT)

WP3: ESRs training and Joint Supervision

The main aim of this Work Package is to engage early stage researchers (ESRs) from all partners into the open data research and training in order to increase its capacity. TODO will execute joint training activities (exchange activities, summer schools, seminars, workshops and conferences targeting the development and broadening of the open data research competences of the ESRs. Training is primarily focused on scientific and technological knowledge through research on individual, personalised projects, complemented by substantial joint supervision as well as interdisciplinary skills through learning by doing approach addressing other relevant skills and competences. More specific objectives include:

  • To educate and train ESRs in the domain of open data.
  • To enhance interdisciplinary research through individual projects and multiple supervisors from different disciplines and institutions.
  • To foster the exchange of knowledge and scientific collaboration between ESRs and international open data researchers.
 WP3 leader: Igor Čavrak (FER)

WP4: Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

The main aim of this Work Package is to foster scientific progress and collaboration between TODO partners in and across different disciplines of open data research. More specific objectives include:

  • To enhance collaboration within and across disciplines between UNIZG researchers and co-researchers at TUDELFT and UAEGEAN through two rounds of staff exchanges 
  • To address pioneering research challenges jointly on open data that require an inter-disciplinary approach on open data 
  • To strengthen collaboration and to enhance the impact of the research collaboration
  • To develop an open science collaboration platform providing researchers of the TODO consortium with effective and innovative means of collaboratively collecting, manipulating and managing research data, as well as collaborative knowledge creation. 




 WP4 leader: Anamarija Musa (LAW)

WP5: Dissemination and Outreach

The main aim of this WP is to extend UNIZG strategic partnerships and to strengthen its visibility and reputation among the national and international research community, industry, policy-makers and the general public. More specific objectives include:

  • To raise awareness of the project and the project results and to disseminate these results to different target groups 
  • To bring together all national stakeholders of the Croatian open data ecosystems, including decision makers, public servants, businesses, researchers and citizens, and to initiate a dialogue between these stakeholders 
  • To foster the exchange of knowledge and scientific collaboration between international open data researchers on the main challenges of interdisciplinary open data research 
  • To strengthen UNIZG's international profile and reputation in open data education and research
 WP5 leader: Nikolina Žajdela Hrustek (FOI)

WP6: Sustainability

The main aim of this WP is to prepare and ensure the long-term sustainability of open data research at UNIZG and the collaboration with TUDELFT and UAEGEAN. More specific objectives include:

  • To explore and advance future research and collaboration among the TODO partners through the development of a joint research agenda and the preparation and submission of joint project proposals
  • To directly contribute to the Croatian open data agenda through a proposal including guidelines and recommendations for the development of open data strategy for Croatia. 
  • To formally prepare and ensure the collaboration after the project through the definition and implementation of a cooperation model
  • To contribute to the development of open data start-ups through the establishment of an Open Data Incubator
  • To integrate the knowledge gained throughout the project in open data education at UNIZG through the review, revision and updating of study programs and courses on open data.
 WP6 leader: Yannis Charalabidis (UAEGEAN)


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