Acronym: E 48 
Name: The Limits of Paper Recycling 
Project status: From: 2005-03-01 To: 2009-03-01 (Completed)
Contract number:  
Action line:  
Type (Programme): MULTILAT 
Instrument: COST 
Project cost: -
Project funding: -
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: KCL 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Finska 
Contact person name: Jan-Erik Levlin 
Contact person email: Email 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Grafički fakultet 
Organisation address: Getaldićeva 2 10000 Zagreb 
Contact person name: Lozo, Branka
Contact person tel:
+38512371080  Contact person fax: +38512371077 
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
PPI Bugarska 
Faculty of Graphic Arts, University of Zagreb Hrvatska 
TU Brno Češka Republika 
KCL, VTT Finska 
CTP Francuska 
TU Dresden, INGEDE Njemačka 
Thessaloniki University Grčka 
PRI Mađarska 
SSCCP Italija 
Latvian Institute of Wood Chemistry Latvija 
KCPK Nizozemska 
TU Lodz Poljska 
CEPROHART Rumunjska 
University of Ljubljana Slovenija 
University Complutense de Madrid Španjolska 
STFI Švedska 
FRC Velika Britanija 
Short description of project
The main objective of the Action is to develop scenarios describing the future use of recovered paper within the European paper industry in order to provide a better background for focused research activities in the field as well as to facilitate investment decisions or future company strategies concerning raw material markets. The benefits of the action will be a sound base for targeted research, provision of necessary arguments in the discussion with governmental organizations, guidelines for the design of recycle-friendly paper products, guidelines for more effective, tailor-made collection strategies for used paper and a background for investment decisions 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner
The Project Meeting was organised in Zagreb in October 2006 with the support of Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for cca 50 participants from 17 countries; Branka Lajic presented The Collection System in Croatia. 


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