Acronym: E 46 
Name: Improvements in the understanding and use of de-inking technology 
Project status: From: 2004-09-01 To: 2008-09-01 (Completed)
Contract number:  
Action line:  
Type (Programme): MULTILAT 
Instrument: COST 
Project cost: -
Project funding: -
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: CTP 
Organisation adress: Cedex 9 Grenoble  
Organisation country: Francuska 
Contact person name: Gerard Galland 
Contact person email: Email 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Grafički fakultet 
Organisation address: Getaldićeva 2 10000 Zagreb 
Contact person name: Lozo, Branka
Contact person tel:
+38512371080  Contact person fax: +38512371077 
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
Faculty of Graphic Arts University of Zagreb Hrvatska 
Abo Akademi Finska 
CTP Francuska 
INGEDE Njemačka 
SSCCP Italija 
KCPK Nizozemska 
TU Lodz Poljska 
TU Iasi Rumunjska 
PPI Slovenija 
University of Girona Španjolska 
YKI  Švedska 
PIRA Velika Britanija 
Short description of project
The main objective of the Action is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of de-inking technology in line with the introduction and use of new printing methods and vehicles, increased customer expectations and environmental considerations. The expected benefits to the European pulp and paper industry will be improvements in quality and uniformity of de-ink pulp, more efficient and effective de-inking operations improvements in environmental credentials and development of cost effective solutions for difficult to de-ink inks and toners 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner
So far the Croatian activities are visible in five presentations given at the Plenary Sessions or Workshops, as well as in two Short-Term Scientific Missions, as follows: Branka Lozo in Grenoble 2005: The incidence of Indigo prints on newspaper deinkability;Zeljka Barbaric Mikocevic in Girona: Increasing the efficiency of chemical deinking flotation of Indigo print; Zeljka Barbaric Mikocevic in Grenoble 2006: The influence of the printing technique (conventional/digital) on the deinking effectiveness; Sonja Jamnicki in Bilbao: Multi-Stage Chemical Flotation of Food Packaging Prints; Branka Lozo in Bilbao:The efforts on the de-inkability of flexo prints. STSMs:  Branka Lozo (Zagreb, Croatia) to CTP (France) : The deinkability of flexo printed papers and digitally printed papers (January 2007) ; Sonja Jamnicki (Zagreb, Croatia) to LEPAMAP (Spain): Food Contact Analysis of Recycled and/or Deinked Pulp (February 2008).     


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