Acronym: Action IS1409 
Name: Gender and health impacts of policies extending working life in western countries  
Project status: From: 2015-04-27 To: 2019-04-27 (Completed)
Type (Programme): COST 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Pravni fakultet 
Contact person name: Siniša Zrinščak
Contact person tel:
Short description of project
The goal of this Action is to advance scientific knowledge about the gendered impacts of extended working life on the health and economic well-being of older workers in Europe and to support informed gender-sensitive future policy, explicitly considering the differential needs of women and men. This requires exploring the differential impacts that such policy may have for the health and economic well-being of diverse groups of older workers, using a life course perspective which has been identified as an innovative approach to analysing policy impacts. While life course analysis of pensions has been employed in some COST countries, there is a need to build a research network to develop capacity in life course methods and in gender-aware policy analysis to enable accurate, timely, multi-disciplinary, cross-national analysis of employment policy and practice for older workers. Expected deliverables include: (a) creating a website; (b) depositary database of scientific measures and policy tool-kits; (c) facilitating training schools, Short Term Scientific Missions and conferences; (d) disseminating scientific reports, proceedings, academic publications, policy papers and an edited book on extended working life, health and gender. This Action is both timely and policy-relevant, due to the pressing European phenomenon of demographic ageing, the piecemeal state of current research, and to develop appropriate and equitable policy in COST countries.  


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