Project status: From: 2002-07-01 To: 2005-07-01 (Completed)
Type (Programme): BILAT 
Project funding: -
International partner
Organisation Name: Ludwig-Maximillians Universität 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Njemačka 
Contact person name: Herbert Mayr 
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Croatian partner
Organisation name: Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet 
Organisation address:  
Contact person name: Kronja, Olga
Contact person tel:
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Contact person e-mail: Email 
Short description of project
We suggest Equation log k = s(f)[N(f)+E(f)] in which the nucleofuge-specific parameters N(f) and s(f) refer to combinations of leaving groups and solvents, the same way that the nucleophile-specific parameters N and s are defined for anions and amines with respect to a certain solvent. Electrofugality E(f), like electrophilicity E, is characterized by a single parameter. Furthermore,the same benzhydrylium ions that were previously employed as reference electro- philes are now employed as reference electrofuges,which allows us to relate electrophilicity and electrofugality scales with each other in a simple way. 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner


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