Project status: From: 2001-12-31 To: 2005-06-30 (Completed)
Type (Programme): BILAT 
Project funding: -
International partner
Organisation Name: Yale University 
Organisation adress:  
Organisation country: Sjedinjene američke države 
Contact person name: Martin Saunders 
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Croatian partner
Organisation name: Farmaceutsko-biokemijski fakultet 
Organisation address:  
Contact person name: Olga Kronja
Contact person tel:
  Contact person fax:  
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Short description of project
We propose to observe the rearrangement processes important in biosynthesis of steroids and triterpenoids directly by means of NMR, by monitoring the stable superacid solutions of model carbocations which structures are related to the carbocations having steroid structure. We also plan to carry out quantum chemical calculations on the model cation and natural cations themselves, in order to obtain details about the energy minimum structures, and also to simulate the rearrangement processes by locating the transition structures. Analysis of the rearrangement processes of the parent alcohols or chlorides in aqueous or nonpolar solvents will also be carried out, in order to determine the influence of the nucleophilicity of the solvent on the rearrangement pathway. 
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner


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