Acronym: VetMedZg 
Name: ''Upgrading the research performance in molecular medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb 
Project status: From: 2014-07-01 To: 2019-06-30 (Execution)
Contract number: 621394 
Action line: FP7-ERAChairs-Pilot Call-2013 
Type (Programme): FP7 
Funding scheme: FP7 
Project cost: 2.901.384,00 EUR
Project funding: 2.378.334,00 EUR
Project coordinator
Organisation Name: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb 
Organisation adress: Heinzelova 55 
Organisation country: Croatia 
Contact person name: Vladimir Mrljak 
Contact person email: Email 
Croatian partner
Organisation name: Veterinarski fakultet 
Organisation address: Heinzelova 55 
Contact person name: Vladimir Mrljak
Contact person tel:
+38512390346  Contact person fax: +38512441390 
Contact person e-mail: Email 
Organisation nameCountry
Short description of project
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of Zagreb (FVM) is well established research institution in Croatia with more than 178 staff members who have excellent education and scientific experience. In order to conduct structural changes in veterinary medicine, scientists at FVM have accepted ERA Chair initiative, aiming at fostering structural changes, synergies between cohesion and research funding, and to raise research quality in the application of molecular technologies to international levels of excellence. The project proposal aims to reinforce research performance of FVM through enhancing its capacities in molecular veterinary medicine, by attracting outstanding experienced researchers, transfer of knowledge and research potential, especially in the fields of proteomics and metabolomics. The exchange of know-how and experience with esteemed outstanding experienced researchers will be accomplished through coherent set of measures: training, workshops and trans-national two-way secondments of research staff. The workshops on different aspects in molecular medicine organised in Zagreb and will mostly cover three chosen fields: comparative tumour analysis, post-genomic technology and wildlife research at the FVM departments. By the upgrading of its research performance and excellence FVM will improve performance in competitive research funding, prevent brain drain, enhance its competiveness and visibility in broader region and become internationally recognized partner. The proposed activities should increase research performance in specific field of molecular veterinary medicine and FVM will be able to increase its involvement in international research projects with EU partners and to be better integrated into the ERA. The ERA Chair Initiative will be unique in Croatian veterinary science with potential benefits for the broader research community and neighbouring countries.  
Short description of the task performed by Croatian partner



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